young jc2Three Days in the City is a practice in Memoir writing by Jas. Mardis. It was born from the experience of returning to the City on a weekly basis to see a friend and being reminded of how much life and the community had changed since moving to the suburbs.

The stories of streets and homes and people would overwhelm the conversations and journal entries for the next 24 hours after those visits, that were basically my days off from work. Hence, the blog title.

JamesThe poetry offered up as blog postings was written while living in the old neighborhood or shortly after leaving. The drawings or sketches used are original pen and ink doodles that flow from my hand when thinking about those years and times.

I would greatly accept your responses and questions to the readings.


Jas. Mardis–aka: Buggy. Splash. Crazy Legs. Mardis. Jr. Dat boy, There!

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