Jas. Mardis Didn’t Die at 9 Yrs Old

JamesI will not lose hope when hearing News & Political reports that the Protest Marches around the Country are a result of the TWO POLICE ACTIONS IN BATON ROUGE AND MINNESOTA.

I’m from a community that has tracked “historic official wrongs” as far back as Chattel Enslavement thru the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Cointelpro, Emmett Till, the MOVE Bombing, Eugene “Bull” Connor, Medgar…Malcolm…Martin…and that’s just up to my birth!

I don’t tell the story often but, I looked down the barrel of a Police revolver at the age of 9 in my Oak Cliff backyard. Those Police said that my 7 year old brother and I were acting as lookouts for “somebody who was robbing houses”. We were actually building a go cart.

Two old ladies from across the street: “nosey” Ms. Emma Palmer and our only White neighbor, Ms. Ginger, assaulted those Officers with a cackling, shaming protest until they let me up off the ground.

As I prepare to turn fifty-five I can offer you this one, true reality of being one Black boy who “knows what it means to have been spared”.

Every time a story is recounted of a boy, girl, woman or man fallen at the hands or gun of an “RADICALIZED POLICE OFFICER”…

Every time those Mother’s, Father’s, Girlfriend, Homie’s, SIbling’s, Pastor’s, Neighbor’s wails fill the air…

Every time a jury spits into the necessary blindfold of Lady Justice and redefines a technicality to free a Zimmerman or a corrupt bully officer…

Every time…for forty-five years, since falling to the ground and curling into a ball in my Oak Cliff backyard… wailing for my sister to “help” as she swung open the back screen door…waiting for the hard click and popping bang/boom of that Yelling Policeman’s big-assed gun to begin…

Every time I hear folks in this country just piss on the reality of facing random, ongoing, under-investigated cases of death by official Police actions…at 7, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22…40…50…53…54…55…70… years of age…

I involuntarily clinch and hold my bladder and bowels so that when I stand…no one will ever again see, as they did when I was nine, that I have lost all control.


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