This Ain’t Holiday’s Solitude…SDCC Exhibit is a Gift

There are things that happen in the world around art and the expression of ideas and desire and perspective that you really should see to believe. Once seeing those things, expressions…art, you should run right out and tell everybody you know. Then, with your core friends and acquaintances in tow, you should encourage them to tell everybody else to go by and see that art for themselves. The current lingo for such an action is “going viral”. However, for this moment,  in a season of Christmas and the idea of giving the gift that cannot be matched, let’s call it “sharing”.

Over in the Othello Beck Gallery at the South Dallas Cultural Center you will find such a dynamic exhibition worthy of sharing. In fact, you should gift this show to family and friends and even a worthy stranger. The exhibit is titled, “Nesting” and is the excellent work the established Teacher and Artist, Ann “SoleSister” Johnson. Her introduction to the visitor of this small gallery talks about transitions and students and how choices have invited/welcomed solitude. I’m sure that when you read her description it will translate differently, but the effect of the show is where we will find agreement. It’s also where the friends with whom you share the gallery visit will find reason to thank you.

I’m only worthy to praise this excellent body of work. I’d never critique it. As a casual observer I found this small effort suddenly explode into a crisp and absorbing discussion on the thought of solitude in the midst of others. Terrific.

Everything from tablets, touch screens, headphones and personalized playlists have jaundiced us into versions of connectedness. Walking among these orbs you create a bridge between them through your attention and simplest observation. Your presence as a bonding agent…Terrific.

Each person can choose a path to walk and explore these “worlds”, then go get coffee and spend an evening talking over what you discovered.

Take the kids and lift them up for the surprises deep within the orbs.

Ann Johnson’s exhibit on solitude is refreshing and surprising and calming and dynamically a bonding experience.


*”Holiday’s Solitude” is a reference to the great Ms. Billie Holiday’s tune, “Solitude”


3400 South Fitzhugh   Dallas TX 75210
Phone: 214.939.2787

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